Staying safe on site

The health and safety of the HFT team and any visitors and contractors is our top priority. So that we can protect everyone as much as possible, you must complete this from before entering our site or visiting HFT personnel in any other location.

If you indicate to us that you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should not be at work. You will be prohibited from entering our site and are advised to seek professional medical help and assistance.

When on site, please adhere to our on site processes and procedures regarding infection control. Please ensure that you use the hand sanitiser provided in the welcome area on arrival and wash your hands at regular intervals. You will be provided with a face mask and gloves on arrival. You must maintain a social distance of 2 metre from all personnel on site at all times.

By submitting this form you are confirming that the answers you have given are truthful and that you agree to abide by our site rules. If you are found to be disregarding any of the rules, you will be removed from site immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Visitor/Contractor COVID-19 Questionnaire

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