A smart way to maximise your capacity

Very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks have become a popular way to increase storage capacity by as much as 50%. And since their launch in 2002, Aisle-Master has become a trusted, global name.

Already, more than 5,000 Aisle-Master articulated trucks are working worldwide – proof of their popularity among VNA users. They’re certainly popular with our customers, and the reasons are clear:

Robust and reliable

The experienced forklift makers behind Aisle-Master knew to keep the truck designs simple and strong. So they work hard, there’s little to go wrong, and they’re quick and easy to service and fix.

Easy to use

In our experience, operators say Aisle-Master trucks offer the smoothest transition into articulated truck driving. Quite simply, they’re a pleasure to use.

A great relationship

Aisle-Master is made by the people behind the famous Moffet Mounty, and our longstanding partners at Combilift. They know what real warehouses need, which makes it easy for us to give great service.

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