This short, AITT accredited course is designed for experienced forklift operators, who have not undergone formal training in key safety principles.

The syllabus is carefully pitched for people who may have been operating forklift trucks for years, but still need to make sure they have the basics covered.

Course duration: 2-3 days (depending on number of participants)

Course contents:

  • HSW 1974, MHSW 1999, PUWER 1998, LOLER 1998
  • Operators’ safety code
  • Introduction to truck and use of controls
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Starting, moving and stopping
  • Steering in open and confined spaces
  • Lift truck stability
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Pre-use inspection and takeover
  • Battery care/refuelling procedures
  • Weight assessment
  • Handling laden and unladen pallets
  • Driving on and off ramps and inclines
  • Vehicle loading and unloading
  • Stacking and destacking – free standing and on racking
  • Testing – practical, pre-use check, associated knowledge

Where subjects cannot be covered practically, they will either be simulated or covered orally followed by an appropriate theoretical test.

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