Comprehensive, detailed assessments that are fully HSE compliant

Are racking inspections a legal requirement?

No. However in not having an annual racking inspection, employers and warehouse owners go against HSE advice. This means that if an accident involving racking were to happen, they would be both legally and morally responsible. It could be argued that by not having racking that has been regularly inspected, safety was was not ensured 'so far as reasonably practicable'.

HSE, SEMA and HFT all recommend a SEMA approved inspection at least once a year. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of pallet racking inspection requirements and on what makes a SEMA inspection industry leading and HSE approved. 

Why choose HFT for your racking system inspection?

  • Our team of inspectors are SEMA approved, holding the equipment industry's leading and most recognised qualification, meaning and guaranteed level of expertise that is fully compliant with HSE requirements which is under continuous professional development.
  • Receive a comprehensive, detailed assessment and report on the condition of your equipment that will be fully explained by our inspectors with advice on what steps need to be taken, if any.
  • FREE advice on loading, damage identification and prevention so you can be operating under the latest guidelines for best practice.
  • We can inspect your racking system even if we didn't supply or install it and we can source the appropriate replacement parts if required.
  • We will contact you when your inspections are due so you can focus on what you do best - another load off your mind.
  • Whilst regular in house racking inspections are recommended, they do not comply with the HSE requirement of an independent inspection at least annually.

If your racking is due for an inspection, or if you need to put an inspection programme in place email Mark or call him on 07714 145914.


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